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Walgreens and Tankproof Provide Cancer Patients with the Donations They Need



Tankproof, in Prairieville, LA, aims to teach the gift of swimming to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. We started Tankproof after learning the startling fact that 70% of minority children do not know how to swim. In addition to these swim classes, we also help low income individuals in our community with donations that will help them in many aspects of their lives.  

We work with Good360 to provide families with donations that will give them a hand up. Many people in our community are still facing hardships from hurricanes past. They welcome any donations and appreciate when they receive something they are in great need of. Our partnership with Walgreens has helped provide many donations for these families that are constantly impacting their lives for the better.  

One of the more unique and special donations we have received through Walgreens has been mastectomy supplies. We took the supplies to the Baton Rouge Cancer Services center. There are many women there who are suffering from breast cancer, who cannot afford to purchase supplies like these. We delivered four boxes of supplies to these ladies, who were so surprised that someone had such a thoughtful donation for them. Many women face cancer every day. The disease takes a toll on an individual in every way, especially financially. These supplies gave these women a little bit of financial relief and a lot of emotional relief. Thank you! 

Website: www.tankproof.org 

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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