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Volunteer Group Provides New Beginnings for Refugee Members in Wisconsin

Organization: Open Doors For Refugees
Lives Impacted: 80-100 
Website: OpenDoorsForRefugees.org        

Open Doors for Refugees, located in Madison, WI, is a volunteer group formed to help refugees make a home in the Madison area. As a non-faith-based group comprised of individuals from various faiths we help everyone in need. We collect donations of furniture and household items and use them to set up apartments for incoming refugees.  We also provide interpretation, transportation, cultural orientation, ESL, and employment services to those who need help settling into the area. Through our gift certificate program, residents in the area can help the refugees by purchasing and donating gift certificates from a variety of thrift, department, and food stores.  We love the gratitude that we receive from the refugees for these items because we want them to make a home in the Madison area. Thanks to this winter apparel donation we were able to make them feel appreciated and included 

 All 150 hats and gloves in this donation were distributed to our refugee community members last month at a Thanksgiving dinner. The event included over 100 former refugees who have made it through all of their personal struggles. Most of the families that arrive in the USA can usually only get minimum wage jobs, typically don’t speak English, and have a family to support.  This donation helped provide winter wear they could otherwise could not afford. With a hat and pair of gloves for each family member, the recipients were certainly helped and were appreciative for it. There are folks who really struggle to make ends meet, and this helped them to get through another winter season. Thank you Good360 for this donation, it helps show our recipients that we do care and welcome them with open arms!

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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