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Victims of the Central Florida Wildfires Need Ongoing Disaster Relief


Currently more than one hundred different wildfires are blazing their way across central Florida. The devastation has reached several national news outlets, as other states are similarly affected by spring wildfires. According to officials in the area more than 126,000 acres have burned in the central Florida wildfires since the beginning of January, which is higher than the five-year average of acreage burned in a typical year.

Experts fear that the fires may only increase over the next few weeks. Florida has experienced hotter and drier conditions than what is normal for this time of year. The dry, hot weather is expected to extend through June. When storms finally roll into the area in the summer the lightning may actually increase the amount of wildfires. The steady fire activity has strained local fire departments, which are overworked and unequipped to constantly deal with the wildfire situation when combined with the expected house fires and car accidents.

Recognizing the great need for additional assistance in the area, the Florida Farm Bureau Foundation announced that they would donate a total of $10,000 to help victims and affected families in Florida, as well as other states currently experiencing wildfires. In a statement regarding the donation, FFB President John Hoblick stated, “When a natural disaster hits, the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. Our agricultural family has permanent bonds. When our fellow farmers and ranchers are in distress, it is our duty to help.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on April 11th to “make it easier for our state, regional and local agencies to quickly work together to protect our families, visitors and communities.” 13 percent of Florida is experiencing extreme drought conditions, and the unprecedented nature of the wildfires highlights that ongoing disaster relief is urgently needed. If your company is not in a position to donate like the FFB, there are still many ways you can help the victims of the wildfires. Through DisasterRecovery360 you can donate essential products and items to victims of the wildfire and other disasters. Make all the difference by ensuring the right goods get to the right people.


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