Good360 | Toy Donation Made Christmas Special for Girls in Spokane, WA

Toy Donation Made Christmas Special for Girls in Spokane, WA

Organization: Parents Co-Op Society
Lives Impacted: 4
Donation: American Girl Dolls 

As Told to Good360 by Parents’ Co-Op Society 

Merry Glen, located in Spokane, WA, serves as a residential home for families with a loved one with a disability. Parents’ Cooperative Society is our parent organization that strives to build community resources from a caring, informed, and skilled perspective. Through these programs we give disabled loved ones the care they deserve. We strive to provide excellent care to ensure residents are loved and treated as if they were home. We are a place of comfort, kindness, and opportunity for those who live and work with us. Our team focuses on teamwork to make sure that everyone gets the best possible experience. 

Thanks to American Girl, our residents received these gifted dolls as Christmas presents.  Seeing their smiles on their faces when the gift was opened was the best feeling. This donation helped us provide gifts to those that could not afford one this year.  Our constituents were blessed to have received this gift for Christmas and without this donation they probably would have never received a gift for the holiday. Unfortunately, some of our residents no longer receive holiday gifts because they do not have families in the area who visit them on special days like Christmas.  All four of the girls that received these dolls are wheelchair bound and two are non-verbal. All were diagnosed with a disability at birth or due to an accident at a young age, and most of them have just enough money to pay for their room and board Thank you Good360 and American Girl for giving us the chance to make these girls feel loved, especially during the Christmas holiday!

Shari Rudolph

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