Good360 | Tornado Cleanup in Southern Illinois Requires Further Disaster Relief Efforts

Tornado Cleanup in Southern Illinois Requires Further Disaster Relief Efforts


In the aftermath of a destructive tornado that ravaged Jackson County, Illinois, one month ago, it is clear that the Illinois tornado clean up efforts require additional disaster relief. The storm struck on February 28th, and significantly damaged more than 40 homes across Southern Illinois. Twelve of those homes were considered a “total loss,” as reported by The Southern Illinoisan, and are beyond repair.

Despite the heavy rain that followed the storm, disaster relief crews made the journey to Elkville and surrounding areas in order to clear debris and assist in cleaning up roadways and local residences. Crews from Salem, Illinois, and Harrisburg, Illinois, made the trip out to the affected area during the week after the tornado. Cleanup efforts are still ongoing around the county, and there is considerable more damage than initial disaster relief efforts anticipated. Crews were called back to the area after the first round of response when families were still displaced and in need of assistance.

Currently about 25 individuals have been displaced by the storm, and even families that are able to live in their homes at the time are in need of supplies and resources as they work to rebuild their community. “We’ve been a lot of places with a lot of damage all over, but this? It’s pretty extensive,” commented Pastor Scott Slone of Elkville First Baptist Church. After further assessing the damage after the tornado struck, Slone knew that more relief was needed in the area and that relief crews would not to return to Southern Illinois for coordinated relief. “We are in need of cleaning supplies. We’ve got a lot of calls coming in now for brooms and shovels and some different things like that, as people are really starting to get the cleaning process going,” Slone noted.

When a disaster hits, affected communities are always in need of basic supplies, namely hygiene products, cleaning supplies, clothing, school supplies, and dry food. Whenever a tornado, hurricane, or flood devastates an area, corporate response can make all the difference in the lives of the victims. To learn how your excess goods and products can help families in need in Illinois and elsewhere, head to DisasterRecovery360.



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