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Surprise Donations Empower Single Mothers in Saint Lucia


Irie Kids, Inc.

Countries whose economies rely on tourism were hit hard by the pandemic and are still recovering. The travel industry accounts for 65% of Saint Lucia’s GDP, and many residents were left with drastically lower hours or without employment completely due to the public health crisis.

Irie Kids, Inc. is a Good360 nonprofit member committed to helping children and their families in underserved communities. The charity coordinates several programs and raises funds to improve the lives of vulnerable families living on the island of Saint Lucia.

This job loss was devastating to many of the clients that Irie Kids, Inc. assists, especially single mothers. Being the sole financial and emotional provider means that their own emotional needs take a backseat to the needs of their children, and  self-care is considered a luxury. Thanks to generous donations from Good360 donor, ThirdLove, Irie Kids Inc. distributed brand new bras to mothers who utilize the organization’s food pantry to help make ends meet.

Tina* is a single mother with six young children. She had worked as a housekeeper at a local boutique hotel for 16 years, earning only $50 EC a day (equivalent to $19 USD) until she was let go in April of 2021 due to COVID-related shutdowns. There is no minimum wage or public assistance program where she lives, so Tina relies on Irie Kids’ food pantry for groceries and other necessities. On the day that Tina came to collect her food parcel, she was surprised with a chance to look through the ThirdLove box and choose whichever item she liked. A volunteer explained, “For the first time in over a year we saw Tina smile. ”

These donations, made possible by ThirdLove and Good360, not only allowed these mothers to have quality items they could not have afforded otherwise, but they also served as a tangible way to empower them and remind them of their self-worth.

*Name changed for privacy

Shari Rudolph

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