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Small Plastic Bag Firm Gives Back And Assists Louisiana Flood Victims


Little Rock, Arkansas-based Revolution Bag LLC recently stepped up and helped out residents who’d been affected by the Louisiana floods last August. The company donated critical supplies for disaster relief efforts, and a number of the company’s employees also volunteered to help out with cleanup efforts in Baton Rouge.  By providing direct disaster relief, Revolution Bag LLC showcased that it cares about more than just its bottom line—it also cares about giving back and providing support to the communities where its customers, employees, and business partners reside, as well.

Revolution Bag LLC specializes in post-consumer and sustainable trashcan liners. Following the Louisiana floods—which damaged thousands of homes statewide and claimed the lives of 13 people—Revolution donated more than 130,000 trashcan liners (enough to fill an entire tractor trailer) for cleanup efforts. In addition, employees from Revolution, along with employees from Delta Plastics of the South LLC, visited Baker, Louisiana, in late August to help with local cleanup efforts. The volunteers helped to remove debris carried off by the floodwaters, and they also cleaned out and removed moldy drywall, appliances, and furniture in homes that had been affected by the floods.

Revolution chose to assist with the cleanup in Baton Rouge for a number of reasons: firstly, the region had been heavily impacted by the flooding, but secondly, Revolution had an established distribution partnership with a local Baton Rouge firm, Schneider Paper Products, Inc. A number of Schneider’s employees had homes that had been damaged by the Louisiana floods, and Revolution’s volunteers made a point of helping these particular Schneider employees with their home cleanup efforts.

In short, Revolution’s disaster relief efforts highlight an important trend in corporate disaster relief: companies large and small recognize that by assisting their local communities during times of disaster, these companies are helping to establish a positive and personal relationship with the customers (and even employees or business partners) who reside in these communities. Inevitably, this type of disaster relief can help a company to boost its reputation and public image. Interested in learning more about other companies that also engage in disaster relief? Read this post about Walmart and Wells Fargo’s recent disaster relief efforts.


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