Good360 | Single Mother Receives Bedding Donation After Eviction

Single Mother Receives Bedding Donation After Eviction

  • Organization: Giving In Kindness in Arkansas 
  • Lives Impacted: 500 
  • Donor: Bed Bath & Beyond 
  • Website:  


As Told to Good360 by Giving In Kindness in Arkansas 

Giving In Kindness in Arkansas, located in Little Rock, helps strengthen the community by providing new, quality household products to the needy with the help of others. We work with our community to making sure that they are provided with the best care and necessities.  

Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond, we received donated items of new and well-known brands during a crucial time. The donation included bedding, which our single mothers and the elderly individuals appreciated the most! Recipients let us know that they had never been in the Bed Bath & Beyond store, let alone owned bedding as nice as these items.   The high-quality bedding helped boost their self-esteem and made them proud of their home.  

One of our recipients was a single mother of eight children living in Little Rock. They had just moved into their apartment complex and were looking to start fresh in their new location. Luckily, she was able to gain employment and began working small jobs until she landed the full-time position. Although things were going well for the family, there were some issues with the apartment that led to the family moving out. Since she was   in between apartments, she lost some of her belongings during the move. They were either damaged from inclement weather, or some items were too big to survive the moves. Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond and Good360, we helped her with new household items, and she was so thrilled and thankful. 

Shari Rudolph

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