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Shoe Donation Helps Future Church Leaders with Everyday Tasks 

Organization: Trinity Temple (Church of God in Christ)
Lives Impacted: 800 

As Told to Good360 by Trinity Temple (Church of God in Christ)  

Trinity Temple (Church of God in Christ), located in Bakersfield, CA, is a spirit-led congregation of over 800 members. The purpose of our charismatic worship style is to be ambassadors within the community and across the world. We serve as love agents providing hope, healing, and harmony for good to enhance the family structures in our membership. Through love, unity, and accountability to our community, we hope to enhance spiritual development to bring out a closer individual religious experience. Thanks to Sister Trena Hope, along with the older women, we are able to teach the girls how to prepare nutritious meals, dress, and sew, as well as show them proper way to usher and be of service in the church on Sundays, or when needed in other areas.  

Our community outreach auxiliary “Love in Action” held a Spring Break Community Outreach in April and distributed several new tennis shoes to the teen boys and girls residing in the surrounding area. They were so happy to receive the tennis shoes and were more than happy to pose for pictures wearing them. Along with the tennis shoes, the girls received beautiful black skirts donated by Ross because they are a part of a group of young ladies from the church and community that are being taught the importance of education.  The ladies are also being trained to provide services to anyone in the church or community that my need assistance. Thank you Good360 for these items and helping these children in need in their everyday activities. 


Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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