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Seton Center Bundles Up With Cabela’s Jackets






Seton Center is a 46-year-old Kansas City, MO-based human service agency that helps people break cycles of poverty. We provide health, social, and educational programs to address current community needs, along with tools to support people in transforming their lives. In 2013, Seton Center provided 33,533 services to neighbors in need.

As the weather gets colder, there are many without warm winter wear in our community. We serve homeless veterans, those recently released from prison, and some local neighborhood men who are in need. When they received the jackets from Cabela’s, they couldn’t believe they were receiving a brand new coat and that they got to keep it! In several instances, the coat is life-saving. These new jackets also gave these men a sense of dignity because they can sport decent outerwear in the cold.

At the end of one of the distribution days, a few of us were closing up the center. We heard yelling at the door from a man asking for help. As he got closer we saw that he had on a very light and tattered sports jacket that was meant for summer wear. He asked us to please give him a coat as he was freezing. We brought him into the center and found a coat that was just his size. He was so very grateful to be warm and comforted for the winter ahead. There are many stories like these that wouldn’t have been possible without Good360 and Cabela’s. We thank you!


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Shari Rudolph

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