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Seniors Stock Up On The Home Depot Donations




Hunt County Shared Ministries in Greenville, TX provides short-term emergency assistance to residents of Hunt County who are in crisis due to various factors such as neglect, domestic abuse, illness, loss of job, or other family issues. We help these individuals by providing rent assistance, nutritious food resources, access to basic healthcare services, and everyday necessities.

We received a variety of The Home Depot products through Good360 such as mops, brooms, rakes, LED light bulbs, air conditioner filters, duct tape, area rugs, mulch, and more. We distributed these resources directly to those in our community during our weekly distributions. The majority of this donation went to local seniors who were in need of these goods. Many of our clients were very excited to receive these new items for their home, especially the area rugs, LED light bulbs, and air filters. They would not have been able to purchase many of these donations on their own due to the cost. Our seniors are always so appreciative and blessed to receive these types of products!

One of our regular seniors is a widow who was in great need of many things for her home. She was very excited about the duct tape we provided her with. She started talking about all the things she was going to be able to use the tape to repair. It was really sweet and moving to see how such a simple donation of duct tape can really impact the daily lives of our clients. This is all thanks to Good360 and generous donors like The Home Depot!



Shari Rudolph

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