Good360 | Ricoh Donations Improve GAP Ministries Facilities For Years To Come

Ricoh Donations Improve GAP Ministries Facilities For Years To Come




In 1999, the vision for GAP began in the homes of our founders, Greg and Pam Ayers. With a spare room and some extra space in the garage, they felt they needed to use what was already “in their hand” to impact the hurting in our community. Since then, GAP has grown tremendously, evolving to serve Southern Arizona’s children, family, and community.

GAP recently received two pallets of Ricoh products through Good360, among which were a bevy of needed items such as large and small capacity printers, projectors and printing supplies. The impact of Ricoh’s donation is ongoing, with tons of lives impacted every day. Each and every internal GAP program recipient will utilize the donated equipment for years to come. The primary benefit to our organization is that these donations freed up thousands of dollars, allowing us to allocate funding toward program costs.

The Ricoh donations were used in four primary areas:

  • BOOSTRedistribution: BOOST is the redistribution arm of GAP wherein we are able to take donations from Good360’s donors and redistribute the items we don’t need to community nonprofits who have tremendous need.

Multiple printers went out to half a dozen other community-serving nonprofits. Items like these are a crucial benefit to these nonprofits as it allows them to refocus capital toward programs and away from administrative overhead costs.

  • GAPCulinary Training Program: This is perhaps our most exciting Ricoh use to share! We received two wonderful projectors. One is being used as a teaching tool in our culinary training program. Prior to the donation, GAPthis was a weighty expense on a developing program and one we were not eager to divert needed funds toward. The day the Ricoh shipment came in, it truly was an answer to our prayers and a relief! With so many needs pressing on the kitchen budget, it freed up capital for us to purchase needed kitchen equipment and, best of all, it is an essential product that is used daily by our chefs!

Executive Chef John Hohn happily expressed, “It’s not a school without the projector!” This piece of equipment allows chef to deliver lessons in a dynamic way, bringing them to life.

“A lot of our students are visual learners. Without the projector, many people would have great difficulty learning and absorbing critical information,” said Chef de Cuisine and Lead Instructor Cassy Quinteros.

GAPCulinary Training Program is currently in its second session for 2017. Our first session graduated four previously unemployable students (all ex-convicts) with 100% placement rate. All of our students entered their new careers in non-entry level, living-wage salaried positions (above minimum wage). Our dynamic program is highly competitive and life-changing. It was made all the more successful because of this donation.

  • Marketing: As a large nonprofit, we maintain our own internal marketing group to recruit potential foster parents and volunteers and raise funding for all of our other programs.

As part of our Ricoh shipment, we received a large-capacity printer and scanner capable of producing posters with a width of 36 inches and indefinite length.

This has been an incredible money saver for our marketing department as we no longer need to pay $40 for simple posters needed at our booths, events and just around the office. In the words of our Graphic Designer, Tyler, “It has given us options we simply didn’t have before. We are able to complete projects we wanted to but just couldn’t.”

  • SPLASH: Our second projector was used in our SPLASH program. SPLASH is our group home program which serves over 400 abused and neglected children in 14 family-oriented homes. Married couples are “mom” and “dad” to these children and they work hard to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children who have undergone severe trauma.

This projector will be used in our SPLASH Recreation Center. This is a special center used by all our homes (especially during the summer) to provide low-cost family entertainment. Children and parents play in our sport court area, do arts and crafts and enjoy meals together. Adding a “movie theater” will save us a lot of money during those hot Tucson summer months. It will also be critical tool to ensure ample, quality family bonding time.

The importance of high-quality donations from Good360, like Ricoh, cannot be overstated. There is an overarching theme in most nonprofits that, because we are “nonprofit,” lack of funding justifies utilizing items that have been used until they are abused, falling apart, and deteriorating. Part of our mission at GAP is to not simply serve those in need, giving them the leftovers, but to treat each person we serve with dignity. This distinction is an important one to make as it subliminally communicates to these individuals how we truly feel about them. If we can offer our best, we maintain their dignity and that is a healing act to the soul.

It would be “good enough” for us to provide basic culinary skills- just good enough to help those in need get a job as a dishwasher. But how would that make these hurting people feel? Because we are able to outfit our program with a high level of equipment and compete with Culinary Programs that are charging people tens of thousands of dollars, we are telling them that they are worthy of a second chance and have the capability to transform their life. In short, Good360 and Ricoh has allowed us to fulfill our mission statement with excellence.


Shari Rudolph

Shari Rudolph is Chief Marketing Officer of Good360 and is an accomplished retail, digital commerce and media executive with a strong track record of building audience, revenue and brands. Shari’s previous experience includes management consulting as well as various executive and leadership roles at both start-ups and large media and retail e-commerce companies in Southern California, New York and Silicon Valley. She is also an adjunct professor teaching classes in marketing, advertising and entrepreneurial studies and she earned her MBA from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

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