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Relief for Homeless Families Thanks to Target and MCS




Morningday Community Solutions, in Pompano Beach, FL, helps those that help others by supporting nonprofit organizations that serve the ill, needy and youth in our communities. MCS also offers special programs and giveaway days for our local veterans. We currently serve over 250 nonprofit members in Southern Florida.

We recently received a large truckload of pillows from Target which we distributed to the nonprofits, churches, and schools that we serve in our community. Several of the groups used these pillows in their facilities that serve the less fortunate. In addition, we had several veteran and homeless families that received the pillows along with other bedding we were already providing them. Bedding and pillows are always highly needed items by nonprofits. Being able to offer brand new, quality pillows to needy individuals in our community was an incredible opportunity for MCS.

One of our nonprofits, Homes Inc., provides shelter and more for several young adults that range in age from 18 to 24. Almost all of these young people were homeless and many of them arrive with nothing more than a small garbage bag of clothing. Pictured above, George (facilities maintenance manager at Homes, Inc.) is picking up several pillows to distribute to these young men and women. Donations like these are what allow nonprofits to continue to offer services to the people in our community that so desperately need it! Thank you so much Target and Good360!




Shari Rudolph

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