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Refugees and Migrants in Serbia Given a Sense of Normalcy During Challenging Situations

  • International Orthodox Christian Charities
  • Serbia
  • Hasbro and Red Wing
  • Lives Impacted: 500

Photo Courtesy of the Red Cross of Serbia

Thousands of migrants and refugees are currently living in Serbia. While their goal is typically to travel through Serbia and into Western Europe, many have been stuck in between for over a year and are unable to continue to their destination. These groups often struggle to provide for themselves in a new country and need assistance. Fortunately, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) was able to distribute a donation of sneakers, Hasbro Play Relief kits and Red Wing shoes to the families and individuals they serve.

Photo Courtesy of the Red Cross of Serbia

As part of the Red Cross of Serbia’s program “Promoting Human Values,” this shipment was distributed to individuals at several migrant-accommodation centers in Serbia, as well as to local residents in need. The sports equipment enabled recipients to actively participate in recreational events organized for them, adding to their enjoyment of those activities. The sneakers and Red Wing shoes were used by groups of teens and children participating in sports tournaments and games. Having theses shoes gave them a sense of parity with the other local groups participating in the events.

Hasbro’s Play Relief Program is designed to supply shelters and centers worldwide with toys and games to provide a small sense of comfort to displaced children and families. Good360 delivered the Play Relief Kits to centers in Serbia, improving the overall atmosphere of their immediate surroundings and contributing an element of fun and normalcy in the midst of a challenging situation.

Good360 remains committed to placing goods into the right hands to ensure that they get to those who need them the most. We are grateful for our donors who make this possible with their generosity.

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