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Pottery Barn Makes Children’s Rooms a Dream Come True




Bridge to Hope provides programs and services designed to bridge the gap to self-sufficiency for low-income and in-crisis families, raise their quality of life and standard of living, and restore dignity and hope to those in need. Our Miami, FL based organization supports all in need, regardless of race, gender, age, language, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or religious affiliation.

Our partnership with Pottery Barn Kids and Good360 has been helping us inspire and change the lives of children who are often marginalized and overlooked. Most of the children we serve are part of working, low-income families. Imagine working 40-60 hours a week and still not earning enough to provide a bed for your children to sleep in. This is the reality for so many hard-working families who find themselves not earning enough to keep up with the high cost of living and transportation. These are realities for many families before they received donations from Pottery Barn Kids.

Pottery Barn Kids provided us with bedding, toys, drapes, and beds that meant the world to these children. To a child that has been sleeping on the couch or floor, a bed is everything. Pottery Barn Kids takes it to next level with their decor by creating beautiful surroundings and making their bedroom a dream come true. This newly decorated space creates a much needed sense of security and stability, enabling kids to focus on school and improving their emotional status.

Pictured above, you will see a lovely young lady whose family was able to transition into a new home after being homeless. Both parents work many hours and they were thrilled when they finally saved enough to move into their new house. While they had most of what they needed, they did not have a bed for their daughter. As you can see, Pottery Barn Kids made that happen in a big way! Both the parents and their daughter were over the moon with the cool, new bedroom.

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Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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