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Nonprofit Keep America Beautiful Partners With Corporations to Increase Recycling in Flint, Michigan


National nonprofit Keep America Beautiful will lead a recycling education and awareness initiative for the 10,000 school students directly impacted by the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The program aims to increase the amount of recycling in light of the 6.5 million bottles of clean drinking water donated to Flint students as a response to the lead contamination in their local drinking water. The four corporations who donated the water bottles (Nestle Waters North America, The Coca-Cola Company, The Walmart Foundation and the PepsiCo Foundation) have provided the funds and tools necessary to transport and recycle the empty water bottles after use.

While the donations of clean drinking water are a welcome reprieve from the poor water quality in Flint, it also generates a great deal of plastic waste in the form of the empty water bottles. The new initiative spearheaded by Keep America Beautiful teaches the children who are now drinking bottled water on a daily basis how to properly recycle, and the importance of recycling in our modern world. The multi-tiered educational approach ensures that the program will not only reach students, but also the staff and teachers at the schools. The goal is to impart a passion for recycling and conservation so children will apply the basic principles of sustainability in every aspect of their daily lives.

The recycling education initiative has been a big hit so far. “Keep America Beautiful is thrilled to receive broad support from a host of partners in our efforts to educate, motivate and activate Flint’s students, teachers and the broader school community to properly recycle the tremendous amount of material that is being generated,” noted Brenda Pulley, the senior vice president of recycling at Keep America Beautiful. The K-12 program encompasses many different goals and objectives so students at every level can benefit in a tangible manner.

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