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New Home Goods for Nebraskans in Need






Thanksgiving! Lutheran Church is a Bellevue, NE based group of people of diverse backgrounds at different stages on our spiritual journey. Our church welcomes all people into our community. We aim to support all needs, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual, of the residents of Chandler Pointe Apartments, a local government housing complex.

All of the donations we receive from Bed Bath & Beyond are delivered to Chandler Pointe. Residents can sign up for items they need and when the items become available, they can stop by and pick them up. Other items are available for the residents to browse through and take home as they please. We have heard wonderful stories of those who have been impacted by this donation. There have been families sleeping on bare mattresses who, because of the generosity of Bed Bath & Beyond, are able to have high quality, matching sheets, and comforters. We have received several large dog beds that we decided to get creative with. One bed was taken by a resident to be used as a bed for a toddler. The child loved it! Another one was used for children to play on instead of sitting on the cold floor during our Nebraska winters.

We recently received a wheelchair from Bed Bath and Beyond. Once this donation came in, the volunteer knew exactly who would benefit from it. A young woman living at the apartment complex is wheelchair-bound and was in need of a better chair. The chair she had at the time was not the right size for her, resulting in chafing on her legs and side. The wheels were also in poor shape, making it hard for her or her mother to maneuver the chair. When she was presented with her new chair, she was overjoyed to receive it. The new chair has greatly enhanced her comfort and mobility. You can see her in the video below taking her chair for a spin. Thank you to all those who made this possible. You have helped so many in our community.




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