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New Beds for Children at GAP Ministries



In 1999, the vision for GAP began in the Tucson, AZ homes of our founders, Greg and Pam Ayers. With a spare room and some extra space in the garage, they felt they needed to use what was already “in their hand” to impact the hurting in our community. Since then, GAP has grown tremendously, evolving to serve Southern Arizona’s children, families, and community.

We received a donation of Tempur-Pedic mattresses through Good360. This donation was great because Tempur-Pedic mattresses are amazing and high-quality products. These have been used to refresh bunk beds in all of our 14 group homes for children in foster care. GAP cares for over 450 children and teens each year in family-style homes. Each house has 10 children living in it along with their house parents. Worn, dated and stained mattresses were removed and destroyed and replaced with these brand-new mattresses.

GAP also licenses individuals and couples to provide foster homes for children and teens. Some of our foster families also benefited from these mattresses. Additionally, we also serve families whose children have been removed to foster care. We supervise visits between them and their children while they learn new ways of becoming successful parents. As these families have are finally being reunited, they have been able to ‘move forward’ in welcoming their children home with these Tempur-Pedic mattresses in their homes.

Our GAP Ranch beds were also refreshed with mattresses, and more than 130 children had a summer camp experience there this past summer. Some of the mattresses were given to GAP’s partnering organizations. These nonprofits serve veterans and low-income families and were able to give the mattresses to their clientele. We were able to help six families through Compass Affordable Housing by providing them with mattresses. These families are low-income families that were able to get into apartments through a grant but they did not have any beds. Thanks to this donation, they know have a comfortable place to sleep.

The children and families we serve are not used to high-quality, new, unstained, comfortable beds. This is a luxury that most could never afford. To receive this blessing evokes the feeling that they are respected, valued, and important. The children we serve in foster care need to know that they are special and valued. They need a good night’s sleep away from the difficulties that many of them have experienced. Thanks to Tempur-Pedic, that is what they will get.

One of the house parent couples told us that when they got all the beds changed out for their kids, they were so happy. They said it made all the difference putting clean sheets on new, puffy mattresses. Tucking the kids in that night showed them that they were truly important, and not “throw away” kids. Thank you so much!

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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