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Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center Receives Footwear Donation for Youth Seeking an Escape from Abuse and Neglect

  • Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center  
  • Cedartown, GA  
  • Lives Impacted: 6 

As Told to Good360 by Pamela Krame of Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center 

Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center, located in Cedartown, GA, serves youth who come from hard places. Most of our kids have few belongings, often coming into care with literally the clothes on their backs and little else. Our children have been placed into the foster care system due to neglect, abuse, drug addicted parents, and other circumstances far beyond their control. Our organization has an almost 100-year history of providing life and hope to thousands of Georgia’s most vulnerable children and families.  

The new shoes that were donated are provided to children in need upon admission to our program.  The recent partnership with Good360 has allowed us to provide not only shoes, but a true sense of normalcy to our children who are going through a very difficult time. Wearing a new pair of shoes has provided them with an improved sense of confidence, increased physical well-being, and sky rocketed self-esteem.  They are proud to have a brand-new pair of shoes, they are full of gratitude that they were provided just for them, and they’re hopeful that this is one step to having a better life.   

Sarah, a 16-year-old resident at Murphy-Harpst Children’s Center, was visibly emotional when she received a brand-new pair of pink sneakers from the recent Good360 donation.  Sarah had been wearing her only pair of shoes, a pair of old brown sandals, since her admission over the weekend. Sarah, like so many of the children we serve at Murphy-Harpst, came into our program with nothing but the clothes on her back and the sandals on her feet. She was living in an unimaginable situation.  Sadly, Sarah’s story is not unique. She is one of thousands of children who come to us from abusive and neglectful environments. Sarah has recently begun to trust, opening up to staff members and beginning to live a normal 16-year-old’s life. She has joined the art and cooking clubs and has applied for several job on campus. Sarah is most proud of the new, all girls, walking support group she created with her peers. It warms our heart to see her out in her new shoes every day.

Thank you so much to Good360 for the opportunity and partnership! We love to see our kids smile! 

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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