Good360 | Local Walmart Donations Help Nonprofit Do More Good

Local Walmart Donations Help Nonprofit Do More Good

Florida Food Force (FFF) is a nonprofit offering multiple programs to provide food to their community, by distributing to individuals, homeless shelters, and food pantries. The Odessa-based organization seeks to ensure every individual’s basic needs are met. FFF understands that those who need food assistance could also use additional resources. Thanks to a partnership with their local Walmart through Good360’s retail matching program, the organization provides thousands of people with essential goods such as housewares and new clothing.

Founder Rhonda Miller started the organization after seeing firsthand the struggle to make ends meet growing up. Thanks to the Walmart partnership, families transitioning into stable housing now have kitchen essentials to cook meals in their new homes and toys for the children to enjoy.

Recently, Steve* had his electric bike stolen, his only means of transportation. He has had a difficult life, dealing with homelessness and addiction, and worked hard to turn it around and be able to afford the bike. Upon finding it gone, he asked his neighbor for a ride to local pawnshops to see if the bike in question had turned up. With no luck, Steve’s neighbor reached out to Florida Food Force for assistance. The very next day, the neighbor got a call back from Rhonda saying they had coincidentally received an electric bike from Walmart that day. When the neighbor surprised Steve with this brand-new electric bike, he was in awe. “This is definitely a gift from God,” he said.

Thank you to Good360, Walmart, and Florida Food Force for the significant impact being made in the community.


*Name has been changed for privacy

Shari Rudolph

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