Good360 | Local Businesses Donate Goods to West Virginia Flood Relief

Local Businesses Donate Goods to West Virginia Flood Relief


West Virginia businesses are paying it forward by providing direct relief to local residents directly affected by the recent flooding. By doing this, these companies—which range from construction firms to trucking companies—highlight their commitment to their local communities. This type relief helps to establish critical company-to-consumer relationships, and it showcases that local West Virginia companies care about the communities that directly support their day-to-day operations.

Elkhart resident Larry Sims took it upon himself to gather up donations from local businesses to create a hyper local effort to help those residents negatively impacted by the flooding in June. “I put myself on a mission to try to call as many businesses as I could to see who would like to help and be a part of something bigger than ourselves,” Sims told ABC 57. His plan, he notes, was to gather up donated building supplies and then deliver everything to local flood-impacted communities to help with rebuilding efforts. A number of businesses offered their support.

For example, Committed Trucking donated a semi-truck, and it allowed employees to help Sims with loading building materials onto said truck. Another company, Team Spirit Trailers, donated a workspace for Sims and other volunteers to use for gathering supplies. Sims pointed out to ABC 57 that he was floored by the positive response to his charitable efforts. “It’s incredible. It’s uplifting,” he says. Sims will be transporting the donated building materials to the town of Rainell, which was hit hard by the June floods.

Sims efforts are truly commendable. Aside from helping people in need, Sims is helping local companies to establish critical connections with the communities that support their day-to-day business, which can positively impact a business’ bottom line. Additionally, Sims’ efforts highlight the importance of gathering specific product donations for flood victims. Communities affected by floods often lose access to basic utilities, which means that they’re usually in dire need of food, potable water, and basic hygienic and household products. This same needs-based concept was integral to Good360 in their creation of DisasterRecovery360. This digital platform allows nonprofits to specifically list the products they need to help disaster victims. Learn more here.


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