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Lip Balm Donation Provides Survivors a Sign of Hope After Domestic Struggles

Organization: ObiOne Global Ministries Inc
Lives Impacted: 150


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ObiOne Global Ministries, located in Mango, FL, provides spiritual and financial help to those in need. We conduct an annual Bookbag and School Supply Giveaway by partnering with other local ministries to provide food and clothing to the homeless community. Pastor Shonda Obi has been teaching and counseling women who are in abusive relationships for over a decade. She has honed her skills so that she is able to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency, and strength. She is also an advocate against domestic violence and leads empowerment sessions for those who are dealing with domestic abuse. She has grown this organization to bring healing and restoration to all people, while raising awareness for those affected by the domestic violence epidemic in our communities. 

Thanks to this donation of lip products we were able to give back to the women in our facilities. Many of the women at the shelter have been asking for lip balm for quite some time now because many do not own their own beauty products. When this donation came through our doors, we were excited to make their wishes come true.  The ones who received the donated items were very happy to receive them, sharing with us that they haven’t had a “gift” in a long time.   

This donation has given these survivors hope and proof that someone in the community cares about their well-being.  One of our volunteers mentioned that she was moved by these women’s reactions because as a survivor herself, she knows how important it is to be told and shown that you are cared for.  It made a huge impact on their lives and it was moving to see women helping women. Thank you Good360 for your part in nurturing these women to be better versions of themselves.  

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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