Good360 | Ladies Show Off Their New Manicures Thanks to Regis!

Ladies Show Off Their New Manicures Thanks to Regis!




The mission of the Topeka LULAC Senior Center is to promote the socialization, independence and mobility of seniors and those with physical limitations in the Topeka, KS metropolitan area. Our senior citizens who come to the Center range from age 58 to 92 years young! We are the only full-time senior citizens’ center in Topeka, offering a vast amount of activities to prevent isolation, promote socialization, and keep our seniors in our community mobile.

After obtaining a donation of Regis OPI nail polish from Good360, we presented the items to the ladies at our Center. They were absolutely thrilled to see a bottle of the polish at each of their seats in the common area. Being on a limited income with social security and mostly small pensions, these women often cannot afford the luxuries of nail polish (especially this high-quality nail polish they have seen in salons).

We were fortunate enough to receive a vast array of colors. Nothing was more amazing then seeing the ladies come to the center rocking blue metallic nail polish! This donation gave our folks an opportunity to add a little bit of luxury to their daily lives. Sometimes, it’s those little things in life, like polished up fingernails, that can change the entire day for our seniors!

Bea comes to the Senior Center every day. She is no longer driving her own vehicle so our LULAC Bus picks her up and brings her to the center for activities and socialization. Bea lives alone, having lost her husband 20 years ago. Her income is limited. Although she worked her entire life, the wages were just not even close to what they are today. She was absolutely thrilled to receive the nail polish, something she could never normally purchase for herself. She came in every day for a couple of weeks with a color to match her clothes. Pictured is Dorothy, a 92 years young attendee. She told us her nails were now beautiful because of this donation. She was thrilled to show off her new manicure. Thank you so much to Good360 and Regis for this donation. It gave our ladies a huge boost of confidence and we were able to see the change in them immediately!



Shari Rudolph

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