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Hurricane Survivors Receive Mattresses and Find New Hope Over Time  

Organization: Bay District Schools
Lives Impacted: 50
Donation: Casper Sleep

As Told to Good360 by Bay District Schools 

Bay District Schools, located in Panama City, FL, strive to help all students reach their highest potential, ultimately leading to successful, innovative citizens and leaders for tomorrow’s world. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality education in a collaborative, safe, and respectful environment. Our commitment is to inspire students in the development of character with the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills as we prepare them for life and work in a diverse, global economy. 

Thanks to Casper we provided furniture to hurricane survivors in need. Many of our employees lost everything during Hurricane Michael, and unfortunately many of them discovered they were under-insured. Often, the funds given by insurance to replace household goods were used for roofing, windows and structural work, leaving many struggling to replace other necessities. Our teachers and education employees, who lost huge personal losses themselves, are on the front lines caring for traumatized children. We made our mission to think of anything we can do to support them. 

One of the employees who received the mattress exclaimed that they were going replace the camping cots they were using with this brandnew mattress. He said, ” It’s been six months since the storm and we are still rebuilding little by little”. Another employee emailed his gratitude and explained how this donation would allow him to get off an air mattress that has been his bed for the last six months! Thank you Good360 and Casper for helping us provide mattresses to people who take care of everyone.  Through donations like this, we can show them that we care! 



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