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Home Renovations Give Homeless Veterans a Place to Call Home After Hard Times 

Organization: Whole Man Ministries of NC
Website: http://www.wholemanministries.com/veterans  

As Told to Good360 by Whole Man Ministries of NC 

Whole Man Ministries located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is grassroots nonprofiorganization whose mission is to contribute to the development of people in the community by focusing on body, mind and spirit. The organization has a variety of charitable activities and programs including a prison mentoring program, a homeless assistance program, a food pantry program, and moreWe also nurtured the vision for the Bridging the Gap Community Center, which serves as a technology hub with internet access for the public at large. Through this center we offer computer training, and English/Spanish (as a second language) classes to help those looking for job opportunities while improving their computer skills 

Thanks to these home renovation items, our organization helped impact the lives of eight homeless veterans by securing homes for them after their time serving in the military. Through this process, the veterans felt empowered by having a home to call their own and were able to work toward independence. Each home received a new washer, dryer, vanities, light fixtures, flooring, and more which completely transformed their homes. One of the young men who received a home renovation had been battling a chronic illness and eventually needed medical care. After several weeks he became very ill and was not able to work. After losing his steady job and spending more money on healthcare, he said the home he received was a “God send”. Thanks to Good360 we were able to provide shelter to a man who had lost hope during a trying time, and we were able to give back to those who serve.  

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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