Green Efforts at Good360’s Production and Distribution Center

Green Efforts at Good360’s Production and Distribution Center


As we recognize and celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, Good360 operates with the environment in mind every day.

With the donations Good360 receives, we are able to help many nonprofits make a difference in the lives of their clients with new clothing, personal care products, toys and many other items of necessity.  Of course, the important secondary impact of this business model is that new, usable products are kept out of landfills when they are put into the hands of those that need them.

In order to fulfill our own mission and to help other nonprofits fulfill theirs, we operate a sizable warehouse where products arrives from our corporate donors and then is sent back out as those items are placed with nonprofits around the US.

This Earth Day, we’re sharing some ways in which Good360 makes a small but significant impact in our workplace being mindful of the environment.

This Earth Day, we’re sharing a few small but significant ways in which Good360 takes steps to be mindful of the environment:

  • We recycle unusable cardboard cartons. In 2015, we recycled over 14 tons of cardboard with a local recycling company.
  • We collect donated paper from a neighboring printing company to use as packing paper and liners in cartons instead of buying and shipping paper.
  • We save shoeboxes for charities. In the past nine months, over 1,200 shoe boxes have been distributed for holiday packages, craft projects, care kits, storage and more.
  • We reuse packing material by saving it from incoming donations and collecting it from local businesses. For instance, packing foam is collected monthly from a medical center that previously used it to protect surgical tools.
  • When possible, we consolidate multiple orders or large carton orders via a less-than-truckload carrier to reduce the carbon footprint of those shipments. We are a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay partner.
  • Whenever possible, we reuse cartons, Gaylord boxes and pallets to sort, store and ship donations.
  • Occasionally clothing donations arrive to us on hangers. To minimize shipping costs with the extra weight, hangers are omitted from the final cartons. These hangers are saved for a local homeless shelter that uses them for their clothing storage and distribution.
  • Lights in the warehouse production center operate on a motion sensor to save energy.


Individually, each of these are small contributions, but together they begin to add up to something meaningful and measurable. What small steps does your business or organization take to protect the environment?



Jan McKenzie

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