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Good360 Works with Key Partner To Help Families in Need

In the event of a disaster Good360 relies on partners who understand the importance of thoughtful giving and providing the right product at the right time. StoreBound has been a partner that has consistently exemplified this characteristic. With Good360’s knowledge of the disaster field and StoreBound’s access to critically needed product, we are able to connect people with exactly what they need.

StoreBound first partnered with Good360 in February 2018 at a community event in Baton Rouge. 30 families that were affected by the 2016 Louisiana Floods received Rooms to Go furniture over the course of 2 days. The majority of these families were just moving back into their homes and needed to replace nearly everything they owned. The appliances sent by StoreBound such as skillets, coffee makers, irons, crockpots and salad spinners were such a wonderful surprise to the families and even moved some of them to tears.

After the StoreBound donation received such high praise from the families in Baton Rouge, Good360 asked StoreBound if they would be interested in sending a similar donation for another disaster recovery event we were holding in the Florida Keys. Good360 specified what the needed products were and StoreBound sent exactly what was requested. Families were once again overwhelmed by the generosity of such high-quality items. 48 families were gifted with toaster ovens, coffee makers, rice cookers and skillets that will help take them one step closer to making their house a home again.

Good360 would not be able to do the work we do if not for partners who share our desire to give thoughtfully while providing a sense of hope and dignity to people who are experiencing a difficult season of life. Thanks to partners like StoreBound we can continue to provide critically needed product to the right people at the right time of recovery.


Good360’s mission is to close the need gap. As the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, we partner with some of the world’s largest corporations to source essential goods and distribute them through our network of diverse nonprofits, supporting people in need and opening opportunity for all.