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Giving Back to Survivors in Nashville Through Beauty and Mattress Donations 

Organization: United Breast Cancer Foundation
Lives Impacted: 50+
Donation: Tempur-Pedic

As told to Good360 United Breast Cancer Foundation


United Breast Cancer Foundation, located in Huntington Station, NY, is a national nonprofit that began as a small grassroots organization serving low-income, under and non-insured women and men in New York State. We currently serve women, men and their families across the country offering breast health and wellness services focused on cancer prevention, screening, treatment and overall wellness. UBCF is committed to helping those in need of breast health services with education, treatments and connection. 

Thank you Good360 and multiple donors from the bottom of our hearts for these donations for the many families struggling in the Nashville area.  During the holiday season, we were able to spread some Christmas joy throughout Nashville, TN during our distribution event. We held our fourth and final event gifting 384 Tempur-Pedic mattresses, 200 pink bags full of beautiful clothing, skincare beauty items and cowboy boots so survivors and patients in need. The value of items distributed at the event totaled $1.28 million, but the smiles and appreciation from the recipients was priceless. They were in total awe of all the boxes and bags of stuff that they received, and some of the women discussed how they have been feeling so down about their health issues lately and this beauty care donation made all that go away for at least a moment.

Here at United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF), we truly know how important sleep is especially for Breast Cancer patients and survivors. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, everything else falls apart. Having a comfortable mattress, especially during treatment and recovery, can make a huge impact on both the patient and family. 

One of our clients, told us how truly grateful she was for our donations and how much they meant to her since she hasn’t had a good night’s rest since her treatments started. She also told us that she and her children were effectively homeless and had nothing after recently being abandoned by her husband. She was thrilled to receive the mattresses, clothing and other items UBCF gifted to her and her family! We were so humbled by the overwhelming welcome from the Nashville, TN community and we hope to be back in the future. Thank you again to all of our donors and to Good360 for helping us provide another successful event to the residents of Nashville!  

Shari Rudolph

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