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Flower Donation Brings Happiness to Community

Organization: Totally Positive Productions (TPP) Delivers Flowers and Smiles
Lives Impacted: 10,000+
Donation: Flowers
Website: http://www.totallypositiveproductions.com

As Told to Good360 by Totally Positive Productions (TPP)

Totally Positive Productions, located in Chicago, IL, strives to use music to turn individuals away from gangs and drug involvement. Our vision as an organization is to establish constructive outlets for youth and adults to grow mentally, academically and socially. We encourage and inspire their minds to discover effective methods and untapped potential in the creative arts as well.

We received a donation of bouquets of flowers and vases to hand out to our community to show our appreciation for residents in the area. Through our “Love Your Community” Campaign we were able to perform random acts of kindness throughout our community. We delivered 74 bouquets of flowers and vases to Melody Stem Elementary School teachers and faculty. One of the teachers was having a challenging day and was presented a bouquet of flowers. Her excitement brought us tears of joy because it brightened up the rest of her day with an uplifted spirit.

Another recipient of flowers was Prosperity House, an organization that houses homeless women. We delivered over seven boxes of bouquets for everyone at Prosperity House to thank them for their hard work. Mrs. Beverly Davis, who is the founder, took time to thank and acknowledge Totally Positive Productions for delivering boxes of flowers to her organization. She told us how one of the women had never in her life received flowers! Thank you Good360 for helping us spread cheer to the people of our community.

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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