Good360 | Ferguson Appliance Donations Keep Family Going Through Pandemic

Ferguson Appliance Donations Keep Family Going Through Pandemic

Complete health and wellness encompasses more than just one’s physical well-being but rather is tied to one’s ability to lead healthy and sustainable lives, with proper access to socioeconomic opportunity and safe and healthy housing as well. Smart Development Inc.’s (SDI) mission is to create and nourish sustainable and vibrant communities through community-based services, affordable housing, and wrap-around supportive services ensuring all individuals and families can thrive while maintaining and celebrating diverse cultures, values and people.

Truckload donations from Good360 corporate partner, Ferguson, help the nonprofit serve its community through SDI’s free minor home repair and replacement program. The Cleveland-based organization recently received a variety of appliances and home fixtures, including: faucets, toilets, dryers and washers, refrigerators, sinks, light fixtures, and similar items for home improvement. Executive director and president of SDI, Mustafa Abed, explains:

“Being able to provide free housing improvements and free items such as the products that are in Ferguson truckload donations enable families to improve their living situations and have increased ability to take care of themselves and their families. Many of the families we serve are low-income and are renters, who are cost-burdened and trying to find ways to manage. A family who does not have a functional sink cannot remain healthy without access to water for food and hygiene. The ability to lift such financial burdens off these families and provide them with high-quality products and replacement/installation, free of charge, is extremely empowering to these families.”

*Bahir and his family are one of the 350 families that were assisted through this Ferguson donation. He is a refugee from Iraq who arrived in the United States with his family in 2016. He was a doctor in his home country and began a factory position while renting a home and living with his family in Cleveland, Ohio. Bahir and his wife began to see the effects of the increased living expenses with a decrease in income due to his job shortening available work hours because of the pandemic. With this strain on finances, they could not afford urgent home improvements that their house needed. Bahir connected with Smart Development to see if he qualified for the Home Repair and Replace Program, as his growing family needed a washer and dryer and he did not feel safe anymore sending his wife to the dry cleaners every week. Bahir and his family qualified and in less than two weeks, Mustafa and a contractor went and installed a brand new Ferguson washer and dryer in their home.

Thank you to Smart Development Inc., Ferguson, and Good360 for equipping families with the products they need to succeed.



*Name changed for privacy


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