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F.A.C.T. and Williams-Sonoma Provide Kitchen Essentials






Families and Communities Together (F.A.C.T.) is a Hannibal, MO-based organization consisting of community members working together to develop and build stronger, more successful families and children.

The donations that we received from Williams-Sonoma have been used in two ways. Many of the products have gone to families in need in our community through our Home Resource Community Program. The rest of the items have been utilized in our Educational Training Kitchen. In our Educational Training Kitchen, we teach the art of cooking and aim to increase the number of family meals cooked at home.

A few months ago, we received a call from the elementary school down the street. “We don’t know where else we can call,” the school counselor told us. There was a single father who was dealing with the possibility of losing his three children. He works hard and does the best he can, but Children’s Division decided that the house had to be cleaned or the children had to stay somewhere else.

F.A.C.T.’s Home Resource Program was able to help. The house was infested with bugs and rats so, unfortunately, the entire contents of the home had to be thrown away, including all of the children’s toys and clothing. Thanks to the donations from Williams-Sonoma and other Good360 partners, we were able to provide the family with cooking utensils, dishes, small kitchen appliances, sheets, towels, toys, and more. These donations, combined with the efforts of many community volunteers, helped revive this family and provide the new start they desperately needed.

The donations from Williams-Sonoma have solved many issues in our community. They have helped children and families become healthier and safer. They also help address potential homelessness because through this and other home donations, we are providing for those who may not be able afford new essential homewares otherwise. Williams-Sonoma donations have helped us keep families together. They allow us to provide a better quality of life and independence for these individuals. Thank you for all that you have done!

Website: www.mcfact.org

Shari Rudolph

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