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Expectant Military Wives Receive Baby Showers Thanks to 3M Donation

Organization: Operation Shower 

Lives Impacted: 300+ 

Donor: 3M 

Website: http://operationshower.org  


As Told to Good360 by Operation Shower 

Operation Shower, located in St. Louis, MO, helps expecting military wives going through deployment by hosting joyful baby showers for them. Our baby showers provide military families with high quality products for their babies while recognizing all that they do for our country. As an organization that prides itself on our ability to give high-quality gifts to expectant families throughout the country, we rely on generous donations in order to pack and send shower gifts to the families we serve.  

Thanks to this donation from 3M tape, we were able to hang and set up decorations.  Tape may seem like a small expense, but with the high volume of packages we send, that expense adds up quickly. What’s more, over the years we’ve learned that the quality of tape that we use can quite literally make or break our Signature Shower in a Box. We were so excited to see that 3M tape was available through Good360, because this saved our organization so much time and money. We have had experience with 3M products before, and we trust the quality of their products. We can rest assured that our packages will arrive in one piece. 

Our showers bring a day of joy and memories for a lifetime to these soon-to-be moms and help them connect with other women in similar circumstances. Each shower is made to order, with custom decor, lunch and “Oprah-style” surprise moments.  We present the moms with our signature “Shower in a Box” — a gift of high-quality products for mothers and babies that equate to a full baby shower for each mom! Because we know that babies need lots of specialty items, we ensure that our military families receive everything they need for the first year with baby. Obviously, without the 3M tape, we wouldn’t be able to send our packages to their respective shower locations, thus the need for tape is incredibly essential to the success of our event. Thank you, 3M, and Good360 for helping us give these expectant mothers the needed items  

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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