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Event Donation Helps Families Honor Officers killed in Line of Duty

Organization: New England Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc.
Lives Impacted: 48-60
Website: http://www.newenglandcops.org   

 In July 1995 the Massachusetts Chapter of C.O.P.S. was chartered and immediately began assisting the surviving families of officers killed in the line of duty. This has been one of the healthiest chapters in the area since its formation, helping families cope after such loss. We are a peer support group for law enforcement survivors. The group supports the forming of bereavement/growth groups where survivors can offer and receive emotional support. We are committed to providing the surviving families of fallen law enforcement officers with support by assisting them in the grieving process.  

Within seconds of the officer’s death, countless lives are affected and shattered. Spouses, parents, siblings, children, grandparents, relatives, friends, co-workers and significant others all share the effects. They all suffer a traumatic loss requiring special care and assistance to help deal with their loss and to learn to live with their suddenly changed circumstances. Several times a year we organize activities for the families, especially the children, including our annual Christmas Party. It’s a way for families to interact with other families who have survived such a devastating loss. Thanks to donations like these, we were able to provide hair accessories to the little girls at our events who were excited to have their own clips and hair tools. 

Every child in our membership has been affected by a Law Enforcement Officer Killed in the Line of Duty and the best we can do for them is honor their loved one with celebration and appreciation. The children of Trooper Miller, Officer Chesna and many other are affected by the tragedy of Line of Duty Death. They look forward to the events we hold each year excited for the food, gifts and games we have to offer, which brings us all closer together year after year. Thank you Good360 for helping our events shine a bit brighter this year!

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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