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Eddie Bauer Brings Warmth to South Dakota Winters

Organization: Native American Heritage Association (NAHA)
Lives Impacted: 20,000+
Donation: Eddie Bauer

Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to helping Native American families in need who are living on Reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming. Since 1993, we have been dedicated to helping improve the extremely poor conditions Native Americans have to cope with daily. Through this dedication, we have made it our mission to provide food, clothing, heating assistance and basic life necessities to Native Americans living on the Reservations.

This year we received a donation from Eddie Bauer which helped provide proper attire for the below freezing temperatures. Many of the residents were not properly protected to go outside or to walk to the little store around the corner to get food for their children. Unfortunately, many on the reservation do not have winter clothing or jackets making this donation necessary and appreciated. This was such a blessing for the long winter months, because it provided protection for the adults as well as for the children. These children often walk to school in below freezing temperatures, and don’t have protection against the harsh weather. This year, they were able to start the school year with proper clothing and be treated with dignity through the quality clothing that they receive.

One story that comes to mind when I think of those impacted by this donation is a family of 14 living in Martin, SD on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This donation directly effects the 14 members because they are currently living in one house sharing everything from clothes to personal items. Thanks to Eddie Bauer, each member will be able to have shoes, jeans, shirts and extremely nice winter clothing. The caregiver raising her grandchildren was so overcome with emotion, she couldn’t believe there was so much clothing for them. Thank you, Eddie Bauer and Good360, for helping provide warmth and happiness to the families in South Dakota.

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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