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Donation Helps Adults with Disabilities Communicate with Their Families 

Organization: Sharonsweb Autism Foundation
Lives Impacted: 20+
Donation: Kole Imports

As Told to Good360 by Sharonsweb Autism Foundation 

Sharonsweb Autism Foundation, located in Fishers, IN, provides services and programs to adults with Autism, and gives them the opportunity to learn to express themselves. We strive to support those with autism and apraxia who have limited speech and movement differences by facilitating communication with typing. Our community is nonverbal and those with limited speech need touch to type because of movement differences. Some of our members have a mind-body disconnect where their voices do not always match their thoughts. Something as simple as yes and no is not reliable, so they point to letters or objects when a facilitator (a small portable dry erase board that lights up) is unavailable.  

Thanks to the Bubble Light Box donation from Kole Imports, it was a perfect visual for these adults. These devices provide quick communication options for everyday conversations and keep the adults constantly learning. Not only does this save time for everyone, but the residents can practice their writing and typing. We hosted an intro to facilitated communication for teens and adults with autism, their families and caregivers. This simple and convenient way to communicate is very helpful for newly diagnosed adults and their families. Being able to point to yes or no or to choose from a small selection of choice words makes a big difference! The Bubble Light Box is the perfect size and looks like a speech bubble signifying that there is a conversation happening! All the recipients were excited to receive this gift! Thank you, Kole Imports, and Good360 for giving back the gift of communications to these members in need. 

Shari Rudolph

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