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Donation Gives Nevada Residents in Rehabilitation a New Start   

Organization: New Frontier Behavioral Health Clinic
Lives Impacted: 35
Donation: Vitaly

As Told to Good360 by New Frontier Behavioral Health Clinic 

New Frontier, located in Fallon, NV, is dedicated to promoting individual, family, and community wellness through a variety of substance abuse and behavioral health services. We provide quality, evidence-based addiction treatment, prevention, and behavioral health services to rural Nevadans. We value honest communication, integrity, respect, and accountability. 

Our services for the homeless population solve some of the transient needs in our respective communities. Our clients gain more self-esteem and their own self-worth issues diminish when they receive something new, something not worn by anyone else, something clean. They just shine when they have something that is theirs and theirs alone, and they feel empowered to be themselves and have value. 

Most of our clients in our detox and residential behavioral health center are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. When they come into our program, most only have the clothes on their back. Anything that we can buy or have donated by way of clothing, shoes, coats, etc. is so very much appreciated by these individuals.  

A female client in our residential program came in fleeing a domestic violence situation where her children had been removed to foster care. She had very little when she was admitted. Toiletries, shoes, and clothing have made a huge difference in this woman’s life because she is working on getting a job, her own place of residence, and to get her children returned to her. She is no longer the victim of abuse–she is a survivor of abuse. These new clothes emboldened her to go out and find work, and to interact with her peers and our staff in a much different way. I know the value of something new and now she does too. Thank you Good360 and Vitaly for giving these people the resources they need towards a new life. 

Shari Rudolph

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