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Domtar Provides Essential Hygiene Products to Families in Need




Hurricane Matthew was the most powerful storm since 2007 and will be felt along the southeast coast of the United States for years to come. As the news cameras and media attention moved on from Hurricane Matthew coverage, communities that were devastated by the storm have been left to face the rebuilding and recovery of their community. Hurricane Matthew occurred seven months ago and families are just now moving back into their homes. With limited government assistance and fundraising at a standstill, these vulnerable families are left to pay for the repair of their homes, replacement of their furniture and fulfillment of everyday needs for themselves and their children.

The field of disaster recovery faces a number of challenges, not the least of which is that uninformed giving can bring the wrong products to the impacted area at the wrong time, often going to waste. Good360 and the United Way of Robeson County in North Carolina have been working together to provide the RIGHT product at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT people since Hurricane Matthew first hit.

Domtar pledged 2,800+ cases of critically needed diapers to those still reeling from the impact of Hurricane Matthew in Robeson County. The Domtar donation included both absorbent hygiene products for infants as well as adult incontinence care products. These products have been in high demand within the community have been distributed to those in need.

The impact of these kinds of donations help relieve some of the financial and emotional burden shouldered by these families and play an important part in helping rebuild a community of those whose lives have been changed forever.

As one hurricane victim stated, “These donations will help me a great deal. Thank you for helping me. It is a blessing to have someone looking out for me so long after the storm.”




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