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Disney Toys Bring Out a New Side to Students




PS 37 Multiple Intelligences School is a public school in the Bronx, NY that teaches Kindergarteners through 8th graders. Many of our students are low income and, unfortunately, cannot afford the latest clothes or toys. Recently, we were given a generous donation from the Disney Store through Good360. We received brand new, quality clothing and toys that were distributed amongst the kindergarten and first grade classrooms. The teachers kept some of the toys in the classrooms where children could share and play with them. At our school, playtime is a reward for a job well done. The kids were sure to be on their best behavior to be able to play with the Disney toys! Clothing was given to needy students and the costumes were given to the after-school program for use in their end of year play.

Unfortunately, toys are no longer purchased for schools because of the turn towards a stricter curriculum. It is rare that there is any money in the budget to purchase toys for use in the school. However, toys are ideal for working with students who have learning disabilities or who have difficulties with behavior. Our school has a very large special education department so there are many students who work with our therapists. Because the dolls were large and had Velcro clothing, they were ideal for children working on fine motor skills.

Our children are from low income families so they very rarely are able to receive quality toys and clothing like this. When they saw these beautiful items, their eyes lit up. Now the therapists, teachers, social workers, and counselors have new items to use when they work with their students. One child was particularly moving. She suffers from a severe case of autism and has difficulty with speech and hand and eye coordination. She saw the toys during therapy and immediately began to dress the dolls and talk to them. This little girl usually has difficult behavior but with the toys, she was calm and happy. It made my eyes tear up. Thank you Disney and Good360!


Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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