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More Disaster Relief is Needed in Wake of Nevada Floods


In the aftermath of severe winter storms that caused mudslides and flooding in Nevada, President Trump declared the Nevada floods a major disaster, requesting further federal assistance to supplement local and state recovery efforts. Because of the declaration local governments and organizations have more time to apply for federal aid as ongoing floods and the effects of the winter storms continue to wreak havoc in the region.

2017 is the wettest year on record in Northern Nevada; the area was slammed with heavy rain throughout January and February. Halfway through February the flooding and mudslides were transforming the landscape, and the President initially declared Northern Nevada a disaster area at that time. After requests from Gov. Brian Sandoval and U.S. Senators Dean Heller and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada the President extended the designation accordingly. The flooding has caused extreme damage across Douglas, Elko, Humboldt, and Washoe counties. Carson City was also badly hit. Governments in all of those areas are eligible to apply for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Based on their location, the South Fork Band of the Te-Moak Tribe and the Washoe Tribe of Nevada are also eligible for additional aid.

Due to the political events in the country the Nevada floods have received less press than is typical for a disaster of this magnitude. Nonprofits and relief organizations are in dire need of assistance and goods to provide affected families with the supplies they need while houses continue to be rebuilt or worked on. Robert J. Fenton, the Acting Administrator of FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, chose Rosalyn Cole to be the Federal Coordinating Officer for the ongoing efforts in the affected areas.

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Tiffany is a dedicated nonprofit leader leveraging years of experience in program development and evaluation, promoting mission alignment and seeking new ways to engage the community to holistically serve individuals impacted by disaster and crisis. As the Disaster Recovery Development Manager, Tiffany has moved over $3M in product to eight domestic disasters and one international disaster in 2016. Tiffany received her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor’s of Science in biology from the University of Maryland.

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