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Diaper Donations Helps California Families in Need

Organization: Covina Development Center
Lives Impacted: 60+
Donation: Optoro 
Website: http://covdevctr.org 


Covina Development Center is a fully inclusive preschool program located in Covina, California. The program serves low income families and children with disabilities that are not receiving the attention and goods that they need. The families in our program are working their way out of poverty and trying to make the best out of every cent spent. This donation helps families through the tough times when money is tight. Most of our families are significantly below the poverty level and cannot pay for any services or extra expenses. In addition to the donations, we provide infant care to low income families who are either working, enrolled in job training, or those struggling with special needs children. As a nonprofit organization relying on state funding or donations to provide the services to these families, these donations make a huge difference. Optoro helped us provide children in the classroom or at home assisting them with these necessities. 

One of the families that comes to mind when we thing about the donation, is the family of five with three children all under three years old (one set of twins and a three-year-old). Diapers are a critical, but expensive necessity for a family with a baby or a young toddler and families often try to cut corners or go without.  Because of Good360’s partnership with reverse logistics expert, Optoro, we were able to source diapers in order to help provide much-needed support to those families.   

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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