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CRT Monitors Find A Home at LES






Liberty Employment Services’ (LES) mission is to provide employment services and support for adults with various intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and to empower them to reach their greatest potential. The Los Angeles-based organization prepares adults with intellectual disabilities for successful employment through our community-based training and work program and our Supported Employment Program (SEP). We currently have 85 eager and motivated participants and are expecting more in the future. Our participants come from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and many are from low income households.

We were lucky enough to receive United Airlines CRT monitors from Good360. These will be used in the job club to aid in minimizing behavioral difficulties, increasing artistic and technical skills, as well as aiding in having therapeutic effects such as building self-confidence and expanding their knowledge with unlimited resources. We are going to use the CRTs as training consoles for our participants to learn computer basics. They will be used by the participants for the hands-on learning of basic functions and tools, and for searching the web for resources. We will download current applications for the participants for extracurricular activities, preparedness for employment, resume-building, and any other essentials they will need to help them succeed. Our goal is to provide our participants with access to computers and technology, regardless of their geographic location or economic resources and these CRTs are helping us do that.

We have had an issue with finding new or refurbished equipment that we could put to use and not worry about damage from the use that will be implemented. These CRTs fit our purpose for stability and allow our participants to come to the job club to use the computers at the facility. Now we can offer a service to our participants that they were in great need of. All of our staff members and participants were very happy when the donation come in. Many of the participants were curious and excited to see the CRTs.

Pictured above is a job coach mentoring two participants in the program. Our aim at Liberty Employment Services, Inc. is to unlock those gifts by teaching, modeling, and strengthening the individual talents of each participant. With generous donations like this CRT, we can accomplish this goal.

We want to express gratitude to everyone that was a part of this chain of happiness and success. We want to say “thank you” from United Airlines for coordinating the pick-up logistics. We are very thankful to have received this donation, as we know that there are many nonprofit organizations that would have benefited from it as well. We are a relatively new nonprofit with many obstacles overcome. One of these obstacles is having generous donors to acknowledge our cause and understand how essential it is for us to have such equipment like CRTs to improve our workshops and programs. We want to establish a curriculum that will help our participants gain the knowledge and skills to sustain themselves so they, too, can become a member of society among non-disabled individuals.


Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

Shari Rudolph is Chief Marketing Officer of Good360 and is an accomplished retail, digital commerce and media executive with a strong track record of building audience, revenue and brands. Shari’s previous experience includes management consulting as well as various executive and leadership roles at both start-ups and large media and retail e-commerce companies in Southern California, New York and Silicon Valley. She is also an adjunct professor teaching classes in marketing, advertising and entrepreneurial studies and she earned her MBA from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

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