Contest Runner-Up: Church Member Finds Hope and New Beginnings After Life-Changing Injury  - Good360

Contest Runner-Up: Church Member Finds Hope and New Beginnings After Life-Changing Injury 

Organization: Holistically Empowered Youth, Inc
Lives Impacted: 1
Donor: La-ZBoy 

As Told to Good360 by Holistically Empowered Youth, Inc 

Holistically Empowered Youth, Inc. (H.E.Y.), located in Owings Mills, MD, is a nonprofit organization focused on the holistic view of raising children to become self-assured, confident, productive adults with a strong sense of community. Our main purpose is to provide support and resources to children, their parents, and the entire community with wellplanned events. Through our various programs, we offer support in the form of public discussions, forums, lectures, panels and workshops. We believe that by providing the resources to help local families in need of educational supplies, resources, and extracurricular help, we deepen the importance of education. Children give back to their schools, their local community and the larger world 

Thanks to this donation for La-Z-Boy, we were able to give back to a church member after a life-changing event. A woman from the local church was recently hospitalized and ended up losing one of her legs after an infection and was struggling after devastation. Through our local partnerships, we became aware of a church in need of a nice recliner, so It was great to have the resources to meet the need. Not only did this donation help this member, it addressed the lack of vital resources to help her cope with her new life existence. Thank you Good360 and La-Z-Boy for helping us change the life of this woman in need. 


Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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