Contest Grand Prize Winner: Makeup Donation Enhances the Beauty on the Navajo Reservation  - Good360

Contest Grand Prize Winner: Makeup Donation Enhances the Beauty on the Navajo Reservation 

Organization: Au Inca, Door of Hope
Lives Impacted: 100

As Told to Good360 by Au Inca, Door of Hope 

Au’ Inca, Door of Hope, located in Paris, TX, is a nonprofit, charitable organization committed to providing needed items to various Native American Tribal communities across the United States with a strong focus placed on the children and the elderly in need.  Au’ Inca is committed to addressing the key social issues of poverty and hunger among these proud but forgotten people living on Indian Reservations. 

We know that makeup is very expensive and hard to get for the young girls and women living on the Reservation. We prioritize food in most homes and there is very little money left over to buy anything else. That’s why we were very grateful when we received the donation. We passed most of them out during our teen program on the Navajo Reservation and to several ladies on the Reservation that wear makeup.

A  makeup Representative, Angela Price, happened to be one of our volunteers on the day that we passed out the makeup and the girls were so attentive. She was able to explain the makeup in detail, show the girls and ladies how to apply it, and talk to them about using a product that would not hurt their skin or clog their pores. It was amazing how she showed up on the very day that we passed it out. Her explanation of the makeup made it even more important to the girls that received it. She told us a quote that has stuck with me since that day, “makeup makes a woman feel so beautiful and good about themselves, when you wear it the right way.” 

One of the teenage girls on our Reservation was living with her parents and they could not afford to buy her makeup. When she received her items, she was so excited she could not wait to go home and try it on. She went home and put the makeup on right before one of our programs that night to show us. Thank you to  Good360.  I can never explain the confidence you have given these women. 



Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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