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Church Community Provides Resources for Individuals Starting Over  

Organization: Bethesda Outreach Center
Lives Impacted: 100+
Donation: Bedding apparel

As Told to Good360 by Bethesda Outreach Center 

Trinity Fellowship Association of Churches (TFAC) is a network of local churches, established to help senior pastors and their teams grow healthy, life-giving churches through relational connection, ministry resources, consultation, and development. With locations throughout Texas, TFAC strives to help families find community, find purpose and experience a healthy relationship with their religion.  By becoming a member of TFAC, senior pastors have access to countless resources and join a growing community of healthy churches across the nation thelp fulfill the basic needs (food, clothing, household items) of the community in need.  Bethesda Outreach Center, based in Amarillo, TX worked with TFAC to provide home goods and blankets for the homeless in colder weather in various Texas communities. Together the two brought much needed goods to those who could not afford these items on their own. We believe that even the smallest items like these helps provide empowerment to these individuals bringing them feelings of belonging.  When faced with a situation where they need assistance, many tend to keep to themselves instead of asking for help. We had a woman who was released from prison who was moved to transitional housing and then moved to her own apartment. When she arrived at her apartment, she was so emotional to find some new sheets and towels, without asking for any help from our center. She was so appreciative that she remained speechless until we hugged and then she was able to find words to share her gratitude. She is still living in her apartment, has found gainful employment, and is carrying on with her life never forgetting what we did for her. Thank you Good360 and Trinity Fellowship/ Bethesda Outreach Center and the thoughtful donors for helping us give back to the people of our community  


Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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