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Children Receive the Opportunity to Learn Through Audio Books 

Organization: Healing Arts Institute 
Lives Impacted: 20+

As told to Good360 by Healing Arts Institute  

The Healing Arts Institute Inc, located in Tolland, CT provides educational programsworkshops, training programs, discussion groups, and other similar programs for health education. Within our institute are multiple projects that help commit multiple communities to different programs and better the individuals in proximity to the organizationOur main focus is to be a source of information to the public for health-related information and education to help individuals mentally, physically and spiritually attain success. 

One of these programs, the Stewardship Project, received a donation that brought so much joy to our community. This project has established a connection in the community for several members for 20+ years, providing donation items like household goods, clothing, electronics and more to distribute within our community.  Thanks to this donation, we received Beats Earbuds & Headphones that we were able to distribute to the children in our community. These headphones helped us encourage the youth to listen to their favorite audio books deepening their knowledge in reading, writing and storytelling. Our membership with Good360 allows us to partner with participating local corporations and we are humbled and grateful for all their dedication, hard work and community outreach. Through this program we hope to continue reaching out to all our neighbors in the years to come to make their lives just a bit easier. Thank you Good360 for helping us continue to provide education to the children in our community! 


Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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