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Bringing Smiles to Children in Need One Toy At a Time

Organization: Royal Family Kids Camp 165 Inc
Lives Impacted: 76
Donation: Mattel Toys 


Royal Family Kids, located in Georgia, provides positive memories and hope to abused and neglected children age six to twelve through the safe environment of a week of camp and a year-round mentoring program. It is our goal to offer these children healthy, guiding relationships with adults, rewarding free-time activities, and character-building opportunities while helping them face adversity. We want to assist them in learning how to succeed in life and teach them that although they have had a bad beginning, they can have a brighter future. We not only hope to raise the awareness of the plight of these children, but also to inspire more people to volunteer to help our community and become foster parents. 

One of our successful programs at our camp is called the “Everybody’s Birthday Party” and gives the child a sense of worth to know that they are loved and celebrated. Most children in foster care have never had their birthday celebrated, which we believe can cause low self-esteem. The birthday bags with toys donated from these companies thrill the children to no end. We’ve received a variety of toys from Mattel such as Barbie dolls (Arielle dolls, Mermaid Barbies, and Glamour Barbies) planes, cars and sports equipment such as footballs, soccer balls and basketballs from sporting companies. Many have never had their very own toys due to sharing in the foster homes. We give the children time to play with their new toys while at camp and these toys are treasured! 

We cannot share confidential, personal details about children in the foster care system, but upon opening her birthday present, one little girl said, “You mean I get my very own doll?” and one little boy said of his toy, “I have been wishing and waiting for one of these, but I never thought I would get it!” As stated before, toys are usually shared by foster children and to have their very own toys is so important. Thanks to your donation, these children get the love they deserve. 

Shari Rudolph

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