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“Breakfast Club” A Huge Success Thanks to Williams-Sonoma




Edgewood Center for Children and Families is a nonprofit based in San Francisco, CA that helps children, youth, and their families who have suffered trauma, abuse or neglect. We provide life-enhancing programs, character enrichment opportunities and, ultimately, hope for the future for over 7,000 children and families in San Francisco and San Mateo counties each year. Our mission is to promote behavioral health of children, youth, and families and support a positive transition to adulthood.

Edgewood operates three cottages on its San Francisco campus – residential homes for youth between the ages of 5 and 17. Much of the Williams-Sonoma’s donations go to these homes to equip their kitchens where meals are prepared for the youth, while others are used in its commercial kitchen which feeds both the residential youth and those from its community-based programs daily. Not only do these donations help reduce our kitchen supply budget, but the items are a higher quality than anything the organization could ever purchase on its operating budget.

Above you will find a photo of one of the cottage kitchens where the donation is appreciated. The photo shows members of our Edgewood Auxiliary making breakfast for the kids that live in that cottage. This home holds a “Breakfast Club” event periodically which allows volunteers from the community to get involved with cooking in the kitchen and connecting with the youth. The kids love “Breakfast Club” too!

Thanks so much to Good360 and Williams-Sonoma for this wonderful donation!

Website: www.edgewood.org

Shari Rudolph

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