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Bed Bath & Beyond Donation Provides Seniors with Household Items after Devastating Fire

Organization: Visalia Emergency Aid Council
Lives Impacted: 100+
Donation: Bed Bath & Beyond


Visalia Emergency Aid Council is an organization located in Visalia, CA that organizes emergency food and services for low-income families, seniors and individuals living in assisted living homes. Founded in 1931 by Visalia citizens concerned for poverty-stricken immigrants during the dust bowl, VEAC remains a constant source for food and other support. Our mission is to improve the lives of hard-working families by providing items like this donation of household goods, linens and furniture.  

The donations received from Bed Bath & Beyond were given to seniors who have recently been rehoused due to fire, as well as to drug rehabilitation centers, and to abused women’ shelters. Most of the individuals transitioning from homelessness to housing did not have the proper items to start over. Usually, families come to the pantry for supplemental food but thanks to the assortment of this donation we were able pair their food with a household item as well. Not only did this donation benefit the fire survivors, but women who have fled domestic violence were also able to start anew with brand new bedding and linens. The quality of the comforters, blankets, bedding and household items were well beyond the reach of a low-income individual, making them feel loved and supported. 

This past February, ten units at The Meadows, a low-income senior living community, were destroyed by a forest fire. Ten fixed-income senior residents lost everything they owned and were left homeless without much income. With the help of multiple organizations, VEAC was able to assist these seniors as they were slowly getting rehoused by fulfilling the requests for clothing, a supply of food staples, furniture, linens and housewares. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of affordable apartments for seniors It has taken months for the survivors to find suitable homes, forcing them to live in hotels as a last resort. It has been a long and stressful experience for our friends in their golden years, but eight of the ten seniors have been rehoused as of May 2018. Thank you Good360 and Bed Bath & Beyond, it has been a blessing to have this great assortment of items provided to benefit our community! 

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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