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Aquasana Water Bottles Help Teachers Form Healthy Habits

Northwest Arkansas Head Start

Teachers should be revered for the sacrifice and compassion they give students every day. Making sure their pupils adequately prepare for the next chapter of their lives can be challenging, especially if you’re the foundation for a child’s educational career. The teachers at Northwest Arkansas (NWA) Head Start, a Good360 nonprofit partner, work tirelessly to assist toddlers and pre-K students as they get ready for kindergarten. Thanks to donations provided by Aquasana, teachers and staff at NWA Head Start received quality water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day.

“This donation helps our staff and families to carry fresh water, work outdoors, exercise, and save money,” said Alejandra Garland, team member at NWA Head Start. “Now, our people can keep fresh water nearby. Staying hydrated has benefits for everyone’s health.”

One teacher who received a water bottle mentioned that she could increase the amount of water she drinks in the classroom.

“As a Head Start teacher working with 3–5-year-olds, I have to have a lot of energy to support my children and their learning environment. With the Aquasana bottle, that is possible,” said the teacher. I keep myself hydrated, and my mood and health are great!”

Teachers who lead by example by promoting healthy habits sets the tone for young students to make healthy choices while they learn in school.

Shari Rudolph

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