Good360 | American Girl Doll Gives Sisters a Reason to Smile

American Girl Doll Gives Sisters a Reason to Smile

Organization: Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC, Inc.
Lives Impacted: 2

As Told to Good360 by Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC, Inc.

Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC provides essential services to immigrants in need of resources. Our mission is to empower immigrants, their families and their communities through education, access to essential services, civic participation and community building. We strive to work together with the immigrant community to create a more inclusive society by fostering justice, dignity and respect.  

Thanks to this donation from American Girl, we were able to give families the opportunity to gift their children with toys just because. One of the families that received these dolls had two daughters that had never received individual toys to play with. They either always shared them with other family members or played with toys at school. When the daughter received the doll, a toy that her father would have never been able to afford, she burst into tears. Owning something as simple as a doll allows a child to feel less estranged and excluded from others. This 11-year-old girl and her sister used the doll to play together, develop their imaginations and strengthen their bond with each other. This brings them one small step closer to empowerment. The father is a single parent originally from Colombia, who now lives with his two daughters and six-yearold son in a small apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He is their sole care-taker and works hard to be available to his three children.  

The daughter wrote us a thank you letter and said, “Thank you for the American Girl Doll. I am really enjoying it and I love playing with it…I am very thankful that I got the doll because I know that some people can’t get it, but with your help I got the doll!! and I was very happy!!!…me and my sister are really, really grateful, Thank you!” Thank you Good360 and American Girl for helping give this little girl and her siblings a reason to smile.

Shari Rudolph

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